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I’m Janet Guilbault, one of the newer loan officers for Platinum Home Mortgage Company.  My passion is not just helping people own real estate, but to make sure they LOVE owning it.

Real estate is a financial decision, but it is so much more. And that is what I love most about my job: Giving people the security and stability of a home of their own.

Fresh out of college, I became a real estate agent because I knew without a doubt I wanted to be in the real estate business. This became a lost cause as my husband was transferred to different states 3 times within 6 years.

Arriving back in California finally, I dedicated myself to the family business of auto leasing, helping to launch the company, do the marketing, and handle the financial end of the auto leases. This led me into the mortgage business in 2005 because so many of my auto leasing customers happened to be mortgage people! I have remained in the mortgage business continuously since then, and consider it a great way to be involved in the community and in my first love: real estate.

I was thrilled late last year to join Platinum office in Walnut Creek. I have lived in Walnut Creek with my husband for over 30 years, raised all 3 of my kids here, and believe I am beyond lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.